and kids

and kids

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why I'm a fan!

For those of you sad souls (*cough*Moriah*cough*) that don't care about sports, this will bore you. For the rest of you, I have a wide range of teams and thought I'd reflect why?

College Football - Alabama. In 6th grade, I had a crush on a boy. I was the girl that didn't have a lot of boyfriends, but had tons of friends that were boys. This particular boy was a flirt and I got to wear his BAMA hat all the time. I've been saying, "Roll Tide" ever since. Thank goodness he wasn't a UT fan - whew! Unfortunately, my eldest son has been corrupted by Uncle Daniel and cheers for UT. My second son has been corrupted by Uncle David and cheers for UGA.

NFL Football - Dalla Cowboys, Ameria's Team. In 1989, I decided I needed to pick a team. I always enjoy a good underdog win, so I picked the worst team in the NFL. They were 1-15 that year. Then, in 1992, they won the Super Bowl. I just might have had a huge lone star in the back window of my car. I had posters hanging over my bed in high school that looked like this:NHL (hockey) - Colorado Avalance. I grew up watching hockey. I love hockey! I've even played a very non-official family game on my grandparents frozen creek. When Jason joined the family, he was forced to be a fan, but he willingly was forced. After Jason had a better understanding of the game, he really enjoyed watching CLAUDE LEMIEUX play. He was a dirty player, the kind you either hate or love. We have a puck signed by Mr. Lemieux and we also have a poster that was signed by the entire 2001 Avs team. Shortly after we got the poster, they won the Stanely Cup. So awesome!
Baseball (MLB) - St. Louis Cardinals. No, I'm not a jump-on-the-band-wagon-fair-weather-fan. If you know my family, you know it is true. Unfortunately for my father, I'm not a huge baseball fan. I do love to go to games, but lets be honest, that is mostly for the cotton candy and hotdogs. Plus, it isn't hard to cheer for this cute guy.

Basketball (NBA) - Jason hates basketball and I'm tired of these babies. I liked the Detroit Pistons, and, of course, I loved the Chicago Bulls - Scottie Pipen, Michael Jordan, etc. Hated everything Boston Celtics. Now, I have a few players I enjoy following, but I it is hard to get into it when your husband doesn't enjoy watching.

College Basketball - Duke. We don't have cable, so we don't get a lot of games, but I love March Madness. I won the family NCAA pool last year and I don't think there was enough praise for that - I'm just sayin'. I've always enjoyed watching Duke play. I had a huge crush on Christian Laettner in Jr. High. Other favorites: Grant Hill and J.J. Redick. Now that my little brother has graduated with a Masters from Duke and has bought us t-shirts, we are a family of fans!

NASCAR - This is a tricky, most recently changed, one! I don't know how I started watching, but I have for as long as I can remember. When Kyle Bush started driving the M&Ms car I decided that he was a perfect match for me. Yes, it was a dorky reason to cheer for someone, but if you knew my love for peanut M&Ms you'd understand. In recent years, I've not really aproved of some of Kyle's antics, but I don't like wishy-washy fans. After the last few races of this past season I declare myself, "Not a Kyle Bush fan". I can't handle it anymore. So, I'll go with my kids and say, "Go, Carl Edwards". Who doesn't like someone that flips off his car backwards if he wins? Tennis - always a huge fan of Andre Agassi and of Monica Seles. Monica got stabbed by a crazy fan and her game was never the same. Agassi retired in 2007 and I'm still not sure who I'm cheering for. I feel like I'm supposed to cheer for Andy Roddick to cheer for the American, but I really like Novak, Djokovic.

Golf - yep, I've even been known to sit a watch a whole match of golf. I enjoy cheering for Jesper Parnevik. Partially, because it bugs my Dad and, partially, because I enjoy his clothes (as I flipped through pictures to pick for this blog entry, he kinda reminds me my Daegan). He broke his back and I'm currently looking for a new player to cheer for! Not that I have to say this, but in the Olmpics, I'm cheering for USA (I LOVE THE OLYMPICS). Ruth, you better be cheering USA also!!!!

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  1. Roll Tide!! and good luck to them tomorrow!!!


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