and kids

and kids

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

My typical Halloween post with tons of pictures is not going to happen this year.  All I have is a few individual pics - no family pic on the steps (and I even dressed up this year!!!).  Part of the change/problem was we went to a friends house and needed to get there by 5:30.  This caused confusion with Tavis had no costume at 5:10, even tho his wonderful mother had him a costume already.  I will not go into the attitude, but you might sense it from his picture...

Capps as a soldier
 Mac as Ironman
 Tavis as a "greaser" not a hockey player (and let me remind you it was freezing and we actually got sleeted on and a hockey sweater might have been warmer.  Just sayin')
 Mollee as a witch
 Daegan wanted to be a shadow - this pic was taken before he got his black face mask

We had a great time with lots of friends!  Good food while we thought we were waiting out the rain.

And then off to Trick or Treat!!!!!
We broke up into groups (obviously didn't show up at houses in this group).  The teenagers went in one direction and didn't show back up for a couple of hours.  The littles went in a van and drove around from door to door.  Then there was the middle group.  

I was in the middle group with Capps and Mac.  We cut thru the woods to get thru the huge neighborhood we were in so we could wind back around and hit a lot of houses.  After about ten houses it started to rain/sleet.  And it was cold.  And our kiddos were soaked and cold and all parents were out, so no ride to come back to pick us back up.  The only person left at the house was Jason and he had given his phone to Daegan in case he got sick b/c he insisted on going with the teenagers.  So, we trudged on!!!  

Finally, we finally made it thru the rain and the kids kept running from door to door.  Having fun!  Except maybe Mac, he was cold!  :-D  And then Jason came to the rescue and we piled in 19 people in our 12 -passenger van!!!  Good Times!

A great evening had by all!

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