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and kids

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's by Daegan

Of all of my kids, Daegan seems the least likely to be a practical jokester, but he is always reading/exploring for his next joke.  April Fool's or Not?!

His favorite one is switching cereal boxes/bags.  He will put the Cheerios bag in the Froot Loops box and the Froot Loops bag in the Cheerios box.  And so on.  Daegan does this often and thinks it is hilarious every time!

So, today, Daegan switched cereals.  The big boys were prepared, but Mac dumped out his Oatmeal Squares and got Ohs instead.  And he ate half the bowl before he noticed.  And I think that was more enjoyable to the big boys than anything else.  Poor Mac!

But, Daegan's big practical joke this year was against Daddy.  Jason loves his soap.  He always need a good, fresh bar of soap in the shower.  He likes lots of suds!  He doesn't ask for much, so I just go with this guilty pleasure.

Daegan painted Jason's soap with clear nail polish so it wouldn't get sudsy at all.

Well played, Daegan!  Well played!

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