and kids

and kids

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Touch of Strep

Mac is not a morning person. He is also not a lover of school. I often have to decipher if his newest ailment is a hoax or real. He is a "sickly" kid, catching everything, and he has terrible allergies.

To his credit, he has often come to breakfast with his eyes almost swollen shut from pollen. He has also had strep about six times since Christmas. And, he is the "baby" of the family, so the mommy in me wants to keep him with me during the day, as much as possible.

He started strong antibiotics for another case of strep last week.

Today, he came to the breakfast table, looking as pitiful as he could, and said, while holding his throat, "I think my strep is really acting up today."

Good Grief! Get your butt to school!

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