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and kids

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Capps' 5th Grade Graduation

And, just like that, #4 is moving up to Middle School (NOT JR HIGH!). When this kid started kindergarten I cried more for him than any of the others. He was quirky, extremely difficult socially, and had some borderline autistic tendencies.  

His kindergarten teacher was a perfect match, Mrs. W, and helped him break out of his mold. He is still quirky, but socially, he is who he is and doesn't care what others think. He has far exceeded anything I could ever imagine for him academically. And his heart makes me tear up every time I think about how sweet, compassionate, and kind he is.  Yet, still extremely loud, crazy, and fun!

To Mrs. Sikkema, who has also worked with him a lot this year! You are one of the best teachers available!!!
 The 5th grade walking the halls and getting high fives from parents, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and kindergarten students!  A great, emotional for me, tradition!

 A little recorder playing for graduation.

 Coach Visser (recently have surgery and in a cast) was the graduation speaker.
 Capps getting his "diploma".
 Ms. Dahnke, we will miss you!
 Mr. Lubben, Capps advanced math teacher, two years in a row!
 Mrs. Tallent, pushing my boy to explore his reading options!
 And, Mrs. Sikkema...
 You rock!!!
 I love the cousin friendship between Capps and Elanor that has bloomed this year!
 A special guest, Aaron Lazor, because he came with his boss for a work break. :)
 Capps and Mommy (I guess soon that will just be Mom)
 And, two other amazing friendships this year!

Israel, a new friend that seems like they've been together forever.
And, Whit, a friend for life!

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