and kids

and kids

Friday, May 6, 2016

Tavis' season ends

Even through some major stresses in the other three boy's season this year, Tavis' has been fun! As an 8th grader, he played for the high school JV. It was hard at times to be the much younger players on the field, but the boys did great! 

Their season opener was against the Patriots and they lost 5-0. Tonight was the season closer and they beat the Patriots 2-1. It was very, very fun to see them improve each game and come away with some incredible wins.

I begged for a picture of Tavis in his uniform, but he was playing with the big boys and he is so good about letting me take pictures, I had to be understanding that he wasn't willing this time.

Best wishes to Coach Anderson on his next endeavor and thanks for an incredible season!

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