and kids

and kids

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

After Game Love

Mollee and Tavis fight. They fight often. But Tavis is a lover and Mollee needs acceptance, so, somehow it works. I can remember fighting, and fighting nasty, with my brothers, but they were the most important to me in high school.

Mollee and Tavis roam the high school halls together now. I know the fighting is not over, but I also see them begin to really love and appreciate each other.

After Mollee's game tonight, they walked together. Tavis congratulated Mollee on a win. Mollee said thanks for coming. They walked Tavis' arm around Mollee's neck, but I snapped a photo later.
And I am pretty sure Mollee hit Tavis at some point soon after this photo was taken.

She has Tavis. I had Philip.

And I love to watch it from the parent sidelines.

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