and kids

and kids

Thursday, September 1, 2016

My "Other" Job

Some of you have never heard of Rodan + Fields. Some of you are tired of hearing about Rodan + Fields.  Some of you, thankfully, many of you, use the products and can't believe how awesome they are. Some of you are really interested but haven't taken the leap. Some of you are curious about the business, but haven't investigated for one reason or another.

I work full time at the church, but my "other" job is Rodan + Fields. And I LOVE IT!
If you had asked me two years ago, which Susan (my upline leader) actually did, I would have said "no way". I had no time, I had no money to start a new business. Being a tired mom, I had no ambition to it. I sold MK for ten years, liked the product ok, but the business side was stressful. I didn't really make a lot of money, I just enjoyed the discount on the products I had used for a decade.

I prayed about starting R+F for many, many months. Susan didn't push me, but she checked in every 3 or 4 months, and something in me finally clicked. My prayers gave me a peace about it and I, honestly, felt the Lord urging me to start this business. Plus, my husband, the most supportive man I know, pushed me 'a little' to go for it!

I'm feeling grateful and I am not looking back! When I started to use the products, I couldn't believe how incredible they were. Honestly, like nothing I'd ever used before. I knew I could sell R+F because I believed in it. I loved, loved the way my face was healing and glowing and aging backwards.

So, 14 months later, I kicked it into high gear for August. I've made different goals each month and this one was a huge goal I was pushing for, but I pushed myself, with the encouragement of my team members. It is so refreshing to sell something you really do love and believe in. I get emotional stories from my clients often of how these products have really changed their skin and their confidence.

My Rodan + Fields family is refreshing. We are not against each other, we are family. My team and upline are beyond supportive. We have private groups on Facebook to help encourage each other and help answer questions if people have questions. We share ideas. We share products when needed. There are many, many training opportunities. But - this is MY business. I run it how I want to run it. I feel in control of me and I don't feel pressured to perform in a certain way (except for the pressure I put on myself). I fit it into my crazy lifestyle. Everything is ordered online, so I don't have the stress of inventory either.

So, August. A good month for me. My upline leaders, four generations up, posted numbers today. I got an honorable mention on the Top 10 list. Out of 470 consultants, I got #11. So, so, so excited!

Excited to see the future of R+F because this company is booming. We've already surpassed some big names (eg. Lancome) and are the #2 Premium Skincare Company in the US and the #1 Premium Anti-Aging Company and the #1 Acne Treatment. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I am a stats person, and this is all amazing for such a young company. And I am so excited to be a part of it.

So, I am thankful today. Thankful for Susan for being patient with me. Thankful for my husband and all his support on every endeavor. Thankful for the R+F family and all the encouragement they given me. But, most importantly, thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the peace to Go For It!

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