and kids

and kids

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Best Christmas Ever - 2016

Today has been an incredible day. The last three days have been great! The kids have claimed this the Best Christmas Ever!!!

Friday with the Caines, enjoying presents and then soup, then basketball. Saturday was a relaxing day with no errands and no chores. We attended our first Candlelight Service at CPC, then headed to Pops and Mimi's for dinner and gift giving. It was a late night, getting all settled back home around 11:00, but it was a great day.

Today, we woke up and church started at 9:30. The kids were a little frustrated that we had to go to church, but...that is the reason for Christmas. I actually loved going. Pastor Pirschel preached an incredible sermon, "because there was Christmas, it will not always be winter" (referring to the White Witch's curse in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). It was bittersweet to listen to him preach one more time and take Communion under him serving for one last time, as he has resigned from being our Senior Pastor, on December 31.

We headed home, got cinnamon rolls in the oven, coffee brewing, as if we were just waking up. Everyone changed back in their pj's and we got to start our gift giving and enter into full relaxation mode.

 SEC Christmas
 My new bullet ring
And, Daegan, sweet Daegan, bought me this pink set of tools, which I've asked for each Christmas for a decade. I just wanted something that I would know was mine, because I am married to a carpenter, but when I need a tool, they are usually all with him at work. :)
After gifts, we have snacked on Chex Mix, chess squares, oranges, fudge, cheese sticks, cookies, etc. I put a ham in the oven and when it was almost done, I made a huge batch of mac 'n cheese. We didn't have a sit down meal, it was buffet style - eat when you are hungry.

The late afternoon evening ended in a nap for me, xbox for Jason, movies for the kids, and playing with gifts. 
Captain America garb for Mac, and Daegan laughing hysterically at a new book.
Tavis testing his new headphones (orange, so there will be no confusion they are his)  

Mollee practicing guitar, Daegan with his drone, Mac decked out in Roll Tide, Capps building Legos and Tavis living in his new hammock.

A good, sweet day. It truly has been "the best Christmas ever". I've said this numerous times the past few months, but I dreaded being a Mom to teenagers, but I am really enjoying these years and soaking up time with my kiddos before I blink and they are gone.

Thankfully, Jason and I are both taking tomorrow off, so we get one more day to lounge in our PJ's and do nothing...

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