and kids

and kids

Friday, December 30, 2016

One Day Early

As newlyweds, we spent many holidays, and most New Year's Eves with Charlie and Amie Brown and Philip and Sarah Caines. The six of us hung out any time we could, all high school friends, all (except Jase) youth group friends. As kids started coming and then Philip and Sarah moved to Asheville and then Charlie and Amie moved to Paupa New Guinea, our social became slim.

Now, we are all within the area again, many of our kids go to the same school, and at a wedding we all ended up at, we were discussing New Year's Eve coming up again.

So...I hosted a gathering of food and card games, and all our kids that were available (ended up being 12 kids). I made chili and we had a blast. It was great to get together and great to see how our kids got along.

But, since we are older now and one of us is a Pastor, no one really wanted to be out late on Saturday night, so we celebrated on New Years Adam.

Maybe a new tradition?

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