and kids

and kids

Friday, December 23, 2016

Caines Christmas Chaos 2016

With Christmas on Sunday, it worked out great for the Caines Clan to get together on Christmas Adam. It was a great day full of fun, food, gifts, and cousins!

A few shots from the day...

Grandma, with two of her girls, because she is never in pictures.
 Me and my Daddy,'s my Daddy!
 All the cousins (except Emma)
 We are always glad with Erick joins the Caines chaos.
 Cousin love - being goofy with Peter.
 I love the friendship between Eleanor and Capps! So, so sweet!
 Papa reading Luke 2.
 Prayers before gifts.

 Grandma J - and the snuggly newlyweds in the background.
Granny getting a bowl from us that was carved out of part of the big walnut tree that was planted when she was a little girl at the McCutcheon farm. The tree didn't make it thru a storm this past summer.


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