and kids

and kids

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Monday for the books (gross picture warning)

On Saturday, when we went ice skating, Daegan fell and insisted he hurt his hand badly. I believed him, but I wasn't willing to pay an ER visit for them to say it was sprained. So, we waited until Monday to go to the walk-in orthopedic clinic.

I love the doctor at the walk-in clinic, but they were so busy because it was Monday morning, they asked if we would see Dr. Arnold, a hand specialist. He just happens to also be someone I went to high school with.

We waited and waited and waited. "Working us in" was taking a long time. We got there at 8:15 and left at 11:30.
Daegan fractured the bone at the base of his thumb. Brace for three weeks just protect it so it doesn't break the rest of the way.
So, I got to work hours late and worked a little late to make up for it. As I was pulling in the driveway, I got a call from my sister (a few doors down) to say that Tavis had cut his finger while whittling a stick. She felt it needed an ER visit.

I drove down, picked him up, and we headed to the ER. It was bad. Extremely deep and dangerously close to some important tendons.
Well, we didn't avoid the ER, but we did avoid two ER bills. Tavis got to experience his first set of stitches from the best ER doctor at Children's.
 The boys we to school like this Tuesday morning, after a long holiday weekend.

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