and kids

and kids

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cooking with the Cooks

We've made some new friends at church. They have three boys, similar ages as us. He is from Oregon and she is from Italy. They met while working in an orphanage in Albania. Incredible story.

Our boys have gotten along great and they invited us for dinner. They are renting a small home while they are looking for a house, but size didn't matter. We had a blast and the food was incredible. We had lasagna (made by an Italian and like nothing you've ever had before) and a ham loaf.

Our big treat was that we also had homemade donuts. When we got there, we helped roll them out.
Then they rose while we ate dinner. Then we took them to the garage to fry them. And, by "we", I mean Betta fried them while we watched.
 Sprinkled with sugar - YUM! The best dessert I've ever had.
We had a great evening of fellowship, donuts, basketball, and wine. We look forward to many more dinners with the Cooks.

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