and kids

and kids

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Back to California

I am beyond sad to say that our new Senior Pastor has resigned and is taking his family back to California. It has been a shock and caused much sadness within the church body, but we all know the Lord has a plan.

They are leaving on Monday, but we were happy to go on one more double date Thursday night, go to a good-bye appetizer party with just a few friends on Friday, and then really say goodbye on Saturday when they stopped by to drop off some of our belongings.

The amount of tears that have been shed can't even been counted.
Working with Jesse has been a major blessing for me. I've learned a lot, he has made some stressful situations not so stressful, and he has made day-to-day office life actually fun. I've enjoyed my time with Lenny as well, along with the kids who have made good relationships with their boys.

Damn, I am gonna miss them.

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