and kids

and kids

Friday, February 24, 2017

Grandma J

Grandma J has been hospitalized twice in the last month. One for bronchitis and low oxygen levels that needed to be tended to and then the second time she had pneumonia, flu, and they found a stress fracture in her back.

It seems she has aged quickly in the past few months. It has been hard. Hard on Grandma J, but mostly hard on my mom.

Mollee was able to go one Sunday afternoon and hang out and help for awhile.
 And Tavis and I went and hung out between school and soccer one Friday.
I love my Grandma J - it is very hard to see her so pitiful and frail.

On a side note, she was mesmerized by this picture. She couldn't believe I just held the phone in front of our faces and "snapped" a picture onto the screen.

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