and kids

and kids

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Flu hits the Browns

After not feeling well on Friday, Tavis woke up Saturday with high fever. I took him to the Minute Clinic and he tested positive for flu. I really just wanted to know, to be prepared.

I was glad to know. By Monday, everyone else had fever. All five with the same time. It kinda worked out better for them to all be sick together and it not to be drawn out forever. I was able to work from home mostly and spray and disinfect hourly.

We could afford Tamiflu, but I hear it doesn't work great any way. With a little research, we went the homeopathic route and everyone took Elderberry syrup and Oscillococcinum, three times a day. Plus, Vitamin C with breakfast. And - no fever reducer. I understand and agree that the body gets a fever for a reason - to fight infection. Therefore, if you can withstand it, you need to let your body "heal itself". Mac's fever did get up to 104 a few times and I did give him tylenol - I'm not a monster. 

With this combo, everyone only had the high fever 2.5-3 days. Plus, Jason and I did not get flu - which seems pretty amazing.

This is pretty much what everyone did all week - watch tv and rest.
I went homeopathic for medicine, but this is what my Wal-mart run looked like - aka. not homeopathic.
And, a kind soul (brother-in-law) left this for me on the front porch:

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