and kids

and kids

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Church Picnic

So, today was the church picnic. The kids look forward to this every year! This is one of the highlights: There are not too many playgrounds around with a real merry-go-round. Last year, Capps threw up on it. This morning at breakfast he asked, "Do you think they've cleaned up my throw-up?"
The girls on the dock - Charity, Jenny and MolleeMac and Ezra discussing life and eating fruit snacksJonah and Daegan waiting for the Cake Walk
Tavis solo on the see-saw, another disappearing playground toy.
Daegan (my old-soul), playing cards with the adults
And a mean game of ladder ball - Mike and Stephen against
Jason and John
And I had fun hanging out with girlfriends! It was a lovely day!


  1. Hey- I just finished a very similar post. My boys loved those old- school toys too : )


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