and kids

and kids

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Parties 2011

Yesterday I was in bed all day on a heating pad. I twisted funny and hurt my back - unfortunately, not my lower back, but a new problem - my upper back? Totally immobilized.

So, I was glad to be able to make it to the Fall Parties today. I was also glad that the four I had to get to were a little more spaced out than normal.

Capps' class had lots of cool crafts and they did caramel apples.

I loved this one where they traced their hand/arm for tree trunk and put fingerprint leaves everywhere!

Capps and Goodwin!
Micheala and Capps coloring!Daegan's class had a few crafts also And some goofy games outside. Tavis class had many, many crafts, but they also played outside - a little "Simon says"
And a bean bag toss.
Not sure what all Mollee's class did, but I did make it for Musical Chairs
and a mean game of Bingo!
Mollee's last Elementary School Fall Party. *sniff*

Then, back to the heating pad....

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