and kids

and kids

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Day, for the past 18 years

October 26, 1993 - I'm a Senior in High School. No more big siblings in the school. I'm having a good year - couldn't make it without Julie. I get to start my day in Calculus with Mr. Sneller and that makes it worth getting up in the morning!

October 26, 1994 - I am having the time of my life as a Freshman at Covenant College. I'm so glad I decided to go to college. I thought I was going to be homesick, but I never am. Classes are going ok. Dr. Beisner is impossible and I think I'm failing French, but I'm having a blast with Kristy, Ashley, Janeen, Abby and Catherine! I've also been hanging out with Philip a lot at his cabin and having fun with him and his roommate. October 26, 1995 - I made it to my Sophmore year, but living at home. Philip's roommate, Jason, and I have been hanging out a lot lately and it is easier to hang out if I am home. :) Plus, I'm not doing so well at French or Chemistry and my gall bladder issues are out-of-control. Even had the doctor tell me to take a break from school for health issues?

October 26, 1996 - Getting married today! I can't believe it! Couldn't sleep last night so I got all my thank you notes caught up. I have no voice because of a bronchitis infection, but nothing can ruin this day. I can't wait to see Jason, it was so weird to have him sleep at our apartment last night.

October 26, 1997 - First Anniversary! We are heading to Gatlinburg for the weekend to celebrate. We haven't experienced all the "first year" struggles and fights. It has been great. I loved our apartment, but we had the opportunity to buy a house and we are getting settled in.

October 26, 1998 - Two years married, I'm still at Realty Center, but I got promoted to Office Manager and I love my assistant, Kelli. We have a blast together. Jason is working at Coker Tire and has enjoyed that.

October 26, 1999 - We are heading to Atlanta for the weekend for our anniversary. We have tickets to a hockey game. And we just found out WE'RE PREGNANT! We are so excited. We had to call Heath and Shannon before we headed out the door. It has taken me a lot longer to get pregnant than I anticipated, about eleven months. We are due in June - about a week from when the Keslers are due!

October 26, 2000 - One week away from due date (baby due in June didn't make it, but we got pregnant again right away). I am so uncomfortable and ready for our little Mailie to be born. Lemaze class has helped, but I hate the "unknown". I'm not really worried about labor, just worried about knowing I'm in labor. October 26, 2001 - About a month away from a sibling for Mollee, we didn't find out the sex this time? Mollee is still nursing, but I'll have to cut her off soon. I'm starting to show signs of preclampsia, so I don't know what will happen - they may induce. The country is still trying to understand the 9-11 bombings, I doubt we will ever know the what-ifs. October 26, 2002 - Mollee is almost 2 and Tavis will be 1, nine days later. Mollee is talking up a storm and is very mature and bossy, which is funny to watch because she is so tiny. Tavis just soaks it all in. He isn't walking yet, but he is cruising and will take off any moment. Jason is now working for John Burk in remodeling. It has been crazy to venture out into the self-employed world, but it is going well. I have been working from home for some realtors, but I'll be finishing that up soon. Another baby due in March, it's a boy! We haven't fully decided on a name yet - Duncan, Daegan or Declan?

October 26, 2003 - Being a Mommy of a 7 month-old, a 22 month-old, and an almost 3 year-old is exhausting. We bought a house in August, but we are living with my parents until our new home is livable. It is nice to have the extra hands to help with the kids, but I hate that Jason isn't around much. As soon as he finishes up with work, he heads to the house to work on it. And I've had the "stomach flu" for a few weeks now, thinking I might be pregnant again!?

October 26, 2004 - Capps is 3 1/2 months old and we've finally convinced him that you sleep during the night and have awake time during the day. Daegan is 19 months old and such a happy joy! Tavis is almost 3 and Mollee is almost 4. We are loving our new house, being so close to Grandma and Grandpa is fun! Daddy is working for Jason Bowman in trim carpentry. He is loving it and we all know it changes the whole mood of the household when Daddy loves what he is doing.

October 26, 2005 - I think my body is finally recovering from four years of pregnancies. I have worked really hard and have almost gotten down to lower than my pre-pregnancy weight. It has been my dream to get into my wedding dress for our 10th anniversary and I think that is going to happen! October 26, 2006 - Kindergarten is going great for Mollee, she loves it! It was a little emotional for Mommy at first, but I blame that on the baby due in exactly three months. It is another boy, but we can't seem to agree on a name. Jason wants Jacob, I want Finbar - we are always on the extreme ends of the name. It looks like we may not know until he is here! Oh, yeah - today is our 10th anniversary too (not getting into the wedding dress at 7 months pregnant)!

October 26, 2007 - Mac is well loved around here! The kids love him and he takes all the abuse in stride. He is making no attempts to walk or even to crawl - spoiled kid! He sure is a happy butterball!

October 26, 2008 - Mollee is in 2nd grade now and Tavis is in 1st. We held Daegan back, so he will start kindergarten when he is 6. He isn't happy about that, but it is a good thing. Life is moving right along. I think today is our anniversary??

October 26, 2009 -??? October 26, 2010 - We haven't really celebrated our anniversary in a few years, but this year we have dropped the kids off at my parents and we are downtown in a luxury hotel. We are going to a fancy restaurant tonight and then we will walk around the Northshore tomorrow. This is so out of my comfort zone, but I appreciate my mom's willingness to take on five kids for 24 hours.

October 26, 2011 - Today we've been married for 15 years! Jason likes to joke, "the best 8 years of his life" ha! We have had some major ups and downs, but we've had them together, and that is what helps. I am working many hours a week from home for a real estate group. Jason is out on his own again. It has been 9 years now and I'm still not sure about self-employment, but it is where the Lord has us? We are so thankful for each other and our lives TOGETHER! We look forward to another many, many years together. Happy Anniversary, BABE! I love you!


  1. What a great post! You look so much like Mollee in your college pictures!

    The "fit in your wedding dress at 10 year anniversary" is a great goal. Maybe I'll try for that - I have 3 years, so maybe? At least I know I won't be pregnant!

  2. that was neat to be able to look back at your life that way!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Thought I would check out your blog today since it is your anniversary, loved going down memory lane with you! Happy Anniversary!
    Love, Julie

  4. Happy Anniversary! Man, and I thought my kids were close together : )


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