and kids

and kids

Friday, May 17, 2013

5th grade Atlanta trip in the words of Uncle Jon

Tavis' class went on a three-day trip to Atlanta.  It is well organized, it is a lot of fun and I believe it is very exhausting for everyone!  Day One: Tellus Science Museum,  Atlanta Zoo, Cyclorama, Cici's Pizza.  Day Two: Planetarium, CNN, Coke Museum, Georgia Aquarium and The Varsity.  Day Three they hike Stone Mountain. 
They always have parent chaperone and each adult has two or three kids to be in charge over the entire time they are there.  This year, my brother-in-law, Uncle Jon went and he texted me with pics throughout the time away. 
If you know Jon's humor, you will enjoy this post a little more.  I just put the "subject" line of the text to explain the picture.
About 10 minutes after the bus pulled away - "Are we there yet?"
"Having Fun!"
"Zoo :)"
 "Humming along"
 "Still Smiling"
 "Worth The Trip"
"Choo Choo"
"Seeing Green"
 Group Stone Mountain Picture
Tavis had fun.  He is exhausted so I will probably get more information tomorrow.  His biggest complaint was riding the shaky, high-up tram on the way down Stone Mountain - that's my boy! 

I must say, I missed him and I am very glad to have him back under our roof.  But I am very glad he got to have this experience.

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