and kids

and kids

Friday, May 3, 2013

Under the Rock of Sickness

(M, I'm stealing that line from you).

I feel like this is where we have lived lately.  It is almost embarrasing.  We live a clean life.  I require hand washing and I Lysol often, just kill germs that may be lingering in the house.  But we have had a rough season.  We had the eternal fever virus that lasted over a week for everyone, and everyone got it at separate times.  We've had the Flu, which hit everyone except me.  We've had many, many sinus infections.  And many bouts of strep.  It has been an LOOOONG Winter.

But, as I whine, I try to keep in perspective how this is annoying, but is nothing compared to what others are dealing with (eg. the Mays)

Hitting May 1st, I was hopeful we would be past the germ phase.  But no.  Four out of Five kids (even the two that have no tonsils) got strep and are on antibiotics.  Then, on Wednesday (the 1st), I woke up with fever.  I went to the Minute Clinic assuming I had strep, but they said I didn't have strep, but the Flu test "seemed positive".  The pink line was "iffy".  No idea what that means and I wanted a re-do, but I had only felt bad and had fever for about 6 hours, so I assumed it wasn't worth the risk to wait and see if I got worse.  I started Tamiflu right away.

It is two days later and I seem to be doing better, but my chest hurts and coughing is exhausting.  No fever yet today.  I am missing a lot of work, but the guys and Veronica are covering for me.  But the saddness comes with the fact that today is Field Day.  AND I'M NOT THERE!  This has been very emotional for me, which some of you understand and some of you don't.  I live for school events and this is a big one.  This is Tavis' last Field Day and Mac's first, and I'm not there.  I've got Mom's sending me videos and pictures throughout the morning, and that has been nice.  When Tavis realized this morning that I wasn't going to be there, he cried, which did not help.  But we got to hug each other and discuss the fact that God has a reason for everything, and for some reason, I'm not supposed to be there this morning.


Praying for health soon!

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