and kids

and kids

Friday, May 31, 2013

Report Cards 2012-2013

Mac - got all "completed" tasks.  Teacher comments: Mac has persevered and made such incredible strides academically throughout the year.  He is a kind and good friend.  His sense of humor has kept us all smiling.

Capps - got all S+ and S.  Teacher comments:  It was a blessing to have Capps in my class and get to know him better.  I love that he is completely engaged in life and is an eager learner.  He makes great connections between what he is doing and reading in class, with what he has read or done.  He is a delight.

Daegan - straight A's all four quarters!!!  Teacher comments: It has been a privilege to have Daegan in my class this year.  Daegan is a delight in so many ways.  He gives great answers in class and truly loves learning. 

Tavis - mostly A's, a few B's and a C- in math.  Teacher comments:  I have enjoyed having Tavis in my class this year.  He never fails to make me smile.  As he heads into middle school next year I want to encourage him to use an agenda, stay on top of his assignments and put all his effort into turning his work in on time.  I know he is ready for this next challenge.

Mollee - mostly A's, a few B's and a C in math (see the pattern).  Teacher comments (all different teachers):  Works well in class.  I have really enjoyed having you in my class.  Mollee's joyful contributions to class discussions and activities have been an asset to my class.  Mollee is a beautiful and kind girl who truly loves her friends and even her teachers well.  Her smile is one of the motivations of my day, and her joy just shows in everything she does.  Shows respect for authority and others in class.  Good progress is being made.  Awesome year - looking forward to next year!

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