and kids

and kids

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5th Grade Graduation - Tavis

When I dropped off the kids at school, I found out that Tavis didn't have to be there if he didn't want to be.  They had already cleaned out their desks and they were basically just waiting for graduation.  So, he stayed with me and we hung out.  I have to say, I didn't mind!
They started a new tradition this year, where the 5th grade parades around the Elementary School before they head over to the auditorium for the graduation ceremony.  It was great!!
Mr. Joe Cool!!!
Because of Aunt Heather, we got front row seats - here is the "littles" cheer section.
 And the big kid cheer section.
 When you are close to the top of the alphabet, you are one of the last ones to walk in. 
 Mr. Dirske
 "Ode To Joy" on the recorder, lead by Mrs. Beirne.
 Papa, being Papa, and not relaxing.
Uncle Jon was the speaker for graduation this year, so Elijah got to introduce his Dad - it was a short and sweet intro!
 Jon, did a great job - mostly talking to the students.


 Tavis getting his diploma - too cool for school!
Who doesn't love these three ladies.  One of the best teams of teachers I've ever seen!
 Mommy (a little teary) and Daddy with the now-middle-schooler.
 Tavis and Papa!

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