and kids

and kids

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Parties 2013

Nothing says Fall Party like a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!!  :)
I felt a little frustrated that one Fall Party was at 10 and the others were in the afternoon (meaning I'd be at school all day), but it turned out great.  I was actually able to enjoy the parties, without running around between four different ones.  Plus, work was light that day, so that helped immensely!!

Capps and Goodwin
 And more crafts!!
 And goofy friends!
 I sat in the parking lot and returned phone calls and e-mails, then ate lunch and headed to Mac's party.

Here is Mac acting like a scarecrow
And Crafts for 1st grade!
 Scarecrow cupcake building
 Waiting in line for a game (I like to document the height difference too - for now it is soooo cute).
 More crafts
 And a game of Hoop-The-Pumpkin
 I think he made?  :)
 Mac and Lauren
 Mrs. Sabourin giving instructions
On to 4th grade - Daegan and Dallen
 Watercolor painting.
 I did come in at one point and the kids were up doing activities, and this is what Daegan was doing.
 Then games outside - Over/Under the gourd.
 Another festive day that I was so happy to be a part of!!!!!

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