and kids

and kids

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Not what God had intended

A friend, who lost her mother quickly to cancer a few months ago, lost her father suddenly this week to a heart attack.

So many friends at church are battling cancer.

Another friend is about to loose her husband for 12-18 months to attend a rehab center.

Yesterday, our friends lost their 22-year old only child son in a motorcycle accident.

Sometimes, this world we live in is more than I can bear.  A mother should not have to bury their son.  As a mom, this weighs so heavily on my heart that it is suffocating.

Many, many tears have been shed by myself this week.  Pleading with God for answers.  Pleading with God for the safety of my own family.  Begging for peace that only God can provide.

Why?  - how can you not ask that question?   But, God does not owe us an explanation.  And, my peace should rest in the fact that, even if I don't agree with it, everything happens for a reason.  And, who am I not to agree with God's plan - even though, from my personal, narrow perspective, it seems like it sucks!

This is when the Psalms can be so comforting.  It is a comfort that the Psalmist can, many times, openly cry out their anger and frustration to the Lord.  Some of those prayers are so open and honest.  And refreshing.  Refreshing to have a God that will listen.

This is not what God had intended when he created the world.  Death was not in the plan.  But man sinned against God.  And we are all born sinners.  And it is our job to live life to the glory of God.  We are to trust God and trust there is a reason for his plan.  How can I question our incredible Creator's ultimate plan?

I pray for peace for my friend and coping skills for the physical toll it has taken on her body.

I pray for miraculous healing for many.

I pray for strength for my friend as she tends to her little ones as a single parent for an entire year.  And I pray for ever lasting healing for her spouse.

And for the family that have lost their young son - I pray for peace that only the Lord can provide.  I pray for strength for a mom to be able to get up in the morning.  

I pray for all of them to be smothered with love and support.  

But most of all, I pray that the Lord be seen and be glorified in all these situations.

And, this week, I will be hugging my kids a little more often and a little tighter.

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