and kids

and kids

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spirit Week

Day 1 - Upper School : American Day (red/white/blue)

Nothing like a little facepainting at breakfast to brighten the usually-cranky-morning moods.
 Lower School: Camo/Duck Dynasty Day
 Group Shot - Daegan swears he can't find camo???
 Day 2 - Lower School: PJ Day - Daegan refuses to wear his PJs to school
 Upper School: Twin Tuesday
 Day 3 - Lower School: Backwards Day
 Upper School - Wacky Wednesday
 Group Shot - I love Spirit Week!!!
 Day 4 - Lower School: Game Day - wear your favorite team
Upper School: Decade Thursday - pick a decade to dress up as.  Tavis - 1920's ganster, Mollee - 1950's Greaser
Tomorrow is Homecoming Day!!!!!

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  1. oh those are too fun! love Mac pointing at his shirt!


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