and kids

and kids

Friday, October 18, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It is always great to go to these meetings and have some one-on-one time with the teachers and know how they are viewing my child's progress so far.  If any of this seems like bragging, please don't take it that way - I am just writing our family history and it will be fun for the kids to look back at this some day.  Especially since there are no report cards any more....

Mac - 1st grade - He is not the avid reader his brothers are, but he is making progress and is on the cusp of being a reader.  He just needs to have some more practice at home (what?? practice with #5 - I am so bad at that).  He is great at math and gets difficult answers when the teacher doesn't think any of the kids are understanding the lesson.  One thing the teacher did say, that made me smile, was that she bet if you asked every kid in the class to list their two best friends in the class, Mac would be one of those two on everyone's list.  NWEA tests he got slightly above average on math and below average on reading.  Yep, that sounds about right!

Capps - 3rd grade - Excellent student.  Excellent friend to many.  Sometimes forgets to turn in homework on time, but not very often - it is usually the reading and math logs that he has to keep up with all week and turn in on Monday.  He does get a little distracted when he has a story or joke and he is busting to tell the teacher (sounds exactly right).  She has encouraged him that recess is the perfect time for that and he is doing better to anticipate that time to blurt out his latest whatever.  He is funny and friendly and a big time hugger!  NWEA tests he got 99% on both reading and math - way above average.  Yep, that sounds about right!

Daegan - 4th grade - Extremely Compliant Child.  Confident in his answers, but not upset if he gets something wrong.  Very articulate in his way of thinking and questions he comes up with during reading time.  Uncanny ability to play back details from a story they read days earlier (he gets that from his Dad!!!).  He is friendly, social, joins in at recess, helps when needed, etc.  One concern is that he reads too much.  This is hilarious to me because the teacher was very hesitant to say this, but it is a concern of mine, so I assured her it was ok to say.  Not sure if that should be a concern, but when he needs to be social, he needs to be social and she wished that his "down time" in class consisted of drawing or socializing, maybe not reading.  Please refer to my picture of the Fall Party where he is reading while the games were getting set up - not eating junk and being goofy with everyone else.   NWEA tests he also got 99% on both ready and math.  He is sent to the Discovery Room (for more of a challenge) for a year-long social studies project, but she is thinking about sending him for reading and math too.  Yep, that sounds about right!

As for Mollee and Tavis, I was unable to meet with any of their teachers.  I went to their classrooms at 11:00 and they were breaking for the lunch.  With the kids home alone and a lot of paperwork to complete, I was unable to wait around to meet with them after noon.  *sigh*

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