and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resurrection Egg Hunt

This year the egg hunt looked a lot different.  Daegan and Daddy had a soccer game, and Tavis went with them.  Mac and Capps still care about the egg hunt (truth be told, Daegan was a little sad to miss) and Lilly was with us, so Mollee was her chaperone.  This was my crew:
 Always fun to sit with Anna and Lydia

 and Abby and snuggle with Lilly.
 Storytime - Mr. Gregory thought he'd get in our picture.
 The 3 and under field wasn't too frantic.
 Mac was already done by the time I found him
 Capps' field still looking for eggs in obscure places.
 And then we rushed to the second half of Daegan's game.

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