and kids

and kids

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

The baskets await
 Pictures before church - boys pic while we wait for Mollee
 (This picture will always make me smile because I was trying to make the kids laugh and not have fake smiles and I said something "off" and, of course, Tavis went the opposite of a smile - why?- because he is Tavis.)
But I am happy with some of the pictures I got:
 And the Mommy and Boys pic
 And Daddy and Mollee pic
And the kids didn't want Omar to feel left out
As we were driving home from church, I told the kids we still needed to do a few more pictures, so we could get a family picture.  They got Easter baskets, I get pictures.  Daegan (who is not a hugger), said, can't we just give you hugs?  Sorry buddy, not this time!
And here are a few other pictures from the morning -

The Browns

 Papa with daughter and granddaughter

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