and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Teaching Them = Delegating

Jason and I have talked a lot lately about the fact that we are both a little bit of control freaks on "our fields".  Apparently, Jason is more exhausted than he should be because at work he wants to do things himself at work and maybe doesn't let his helpers help as much as he should (this I have found out since a friend has recently been employed part time).  

I am definitely a control freak and even though my job exhausts me, the thought of an assistant terrifies me because giving up responsibilities and having someone else do certain tasks (not my way) is unnerving.  I had two assistants at my previous job and, needless to say, it was an issue.


I am exhausted.  No idea who reads this blog, but a small handful got a text from me two weeks ago and I was crumbling.  Having a slight meltdown to say the least.  I will not go into all of that now.  

My kids help around the house, but, honestly, not enough.  And I am to blame.  I CAN DO IT ALL !  So, I think.  But I can't.  

I work from home and have the privilege of throwing in a load of laundry here and there.  I have no idea how Moms that work outside the home for 40+ hours a week do it.  Kuddos to you!  Plus, I have an incredible husband, who is self-employed.  He works long hours, but it can be flexible when I really need him to be.  And that is another privilege that many do not have.  

Saturday is always chore day, but today, I was amping up our chores.  And to top it off, my 7-year was cleaning toilets.  One, because he is the main reason that are all disgusting.  And, two, because that is Jason's job and he is tired too.
Dusting is always Capps' job.  Always has been.  It is sorta cruel, but he is so OCD, I know he'll do great.  I put it on other's list some weeks to say I don't "always give it to him", but deep down inside, I always want to give it to him.
 And Tavis got to learn to mop the bathrooms today.
 Daegan was making beds and sweeping hardwood
Honestly, I gave up on the house looking great about two years ago.  It is always picked up, because my little weird brain can't handle clutter.  If I wake up to clutter it does something to ruin my whole day.  The last 15 minutes of every day, the house has to be picked up.  It just does.  But, these days, I cherish my Saturdays a little more as I work more and more hours and the "cleaning" of the house gets to be less and less.  Until now - child labor!!!

And when the blinker went out of the van, I told Jason to grab a boy and take them with him to Ace and teach them to do for next time.  That is the only way they learn, right?  We must be teaching them these things.  I have gotten better at making the kids learn chores and as I am cooking dinner, making them do it.  I am only hurting myself by doing it myself.
So, we are teaching them by delegating, we are being lazy.....I have to keep telling myself that.

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