and kids

and kids

Friday, October 3, 2014

Covenant College Alumni of the Year 2014

During the 50th Anniversary chapel today of the college being at "The Castle", my parents were named Alumni of the Year.  They were part of one of the first classes on the mountain.  Dad has served on the Board for almost thirty years.  All six of their kids have gone to Covenant, and now their oldest grandchild is at Covenant.  It is no secret that they are huge Scots fans and loyal supporters.

It only seemed appropriate to everyone involved in choosing them for this honor.

Mom and Dad had no idea.  Dad was at chapel because he was at Board Meetings and my brother, David (an advisor to the Board), was responsible in getting Mom there.  He told her there was going to be a special 50th anniversary chapel, which there was, and then a big luncheon afterwards that he thought she needed to come to, which there was not.

They had chapel and they had a few sweet tributes to different professors that are long in years and will not be on this earth much longer.  They then had the 50th anniversary presentation, given by Dr. Mueller, which was great!  Then, President Halvorson, whom I can really only call Derek, called Mom and Dad to the stage.

All this time, we Caines kids and in-laws, were hiding in the balcony so Mom and Dad didn't see us and wonder why the heck we were there.  Derek gave Mom and Dad high regards and explained how much they loved and supported Covenant.  He even mentioned that Mom had cheered him (President Halvorson) on in his soccer games at one time when Philip was playing soccer as a Scot.
And then the strangest thing happened, that made us all laugh, and made the crowd erupt - even if my father doesn't understand.  President Halvorson stopped Mom and Dad to take a selfie before they left.
I am certain this is Grandma and Papa's first "selfie".

As the chapel crowd began to sing "All For Jesus", the Caines kids and grandkids began to file down the chapel staircase and it was sweet to see the surprise on Mom and Dad's face as they realized we were all there and, clearly, we all knew about this for awhile.  

Proud to be the 4th kid of the Alumni of the Year!

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