and kids

and kids

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ode to 18 years

Short courtship, young kids.
Rainy wedding, cocky groom, sick bride.
Incredible 8-day honeymoon.
Apartment living, Astor Lane, then Larry Drive.
Four years, just the two of us!
Rossville Machine Shop, Quick Print, Coker Tire to Self-Employment.
Self-Employment stress for 12 years.
Realty Center to Mommy and now back to real estate.
One lost baby, then five.
Colic, croup, RSV, asthma, stomach bugs, migraines, unexplained brain scan.
First steps, first days of school, high test scores and positive "attitude" scores across the board.
Class parties, Field Days, and soccer games.
Family Game Nights, Movie Nights, bowling and swimming.
Errands with Mommy, Waffle House with Daddy.
Date Nights.
Chilis, Urban Stack, Sticky Fingers and the Brewery.
18 years
Good Times, Bad Times.
Laughs, Tears, Joys, Struggles and Fears.
Sickness, Health, Plenty, Want.
18 years
Many lessons learned.
Incredible journey so far.
With an incredible man.
And an incredible Father above.

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