and kids

and kids

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What to be Thankful for in the midst of Crap

The past seven weeks have been crap.  Sorry, Mom, I've never been known to sugar-coat.

I want my boy fixed.  End of discussion.

My brother sent me his sermon from this past week discussing sickness in this world.  Obviously, that is not what was meant to be when God created the world.  But, in light of the crap, what a wonderful peace you can get from the thought that God is not surprised by this.  He has a plan!

Therefore, through this, I have to find what I am thankful for.  And there are many things:

1) Prayer
2) Prayerful Friends
3) A husband that knows me too well
4) Waterproof mascara
5) A bible in my hand at all times, via my phone
6) An oldest daughter who helps me out, and even tho she doesn't talk much, she texts me throughout the day (even tho illegally) to express herself
7) An older son who hugs me when I get teary randomly (which is often these days) and who is constantly checking on his brother.  And who, and I oddly grateful for this, still picks on Daegan and doesn't "handle him with care".
8) A youngest son who is happy-go-lucky
9) A monkey who has taken up all of Daegan's responsibilities at home without complaint
10) The fact that Jason's jobsite during this time "just happens" to be in our neighborhood and I can eat lunch with him almost everyday, being a major stress relief.
11) A school that will work with my struggling, dizzy son, taking some subjects "off the table" for now, Face Timing other subjects, and allowing him to come only a few hours a day when he can.
12) A school I feel confident all the teachers are praying
13) Warm, yummy meals after doctor appointments
14) Daegan, thankful God blessed us with him on 3/8/03
15) Thankful for two pediatricians that I know are studying and researching and discussing Daegan's symptoms daily.  And, I am certain one of them is praying for Daegan!  I am thankful for their guidance and my trust I can put in them.
16) Salted Caramel Chocolates
17) My work - so far has not been too stressful to keep up with, my office is mobile and the guys have covered for me as needed
18) Legos - something Daegan is still good at and makes him feel good as he struggles with reading and math (things that used to come so easily to him)
19) A church body that comes together and supports
20) Prayer, prayer and more prayer


  1. I love your honesty, I have been there too. Crap is sometimes the only word to encompass what life on earth is like. Know that we are praying.


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