and kids

and kids

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5th Grade Atlanta

This week was the big Atlanta week, as they gear up for graduation.  I didn't anticipate Daegan being in Uncle Jon's room again, as Tavis was two years ago, but it is how it worked out!

It is different to parent Daegan, rather than Tavis, in so many ways.  My drop-off with Tavis was lots of hugs and goodbyes.  With Daegan it was excited and a "oh, yeah, Mom, your here" wave as he got on the bus.

The phone calls at night were three sentences, between his "hands" he had to play in cards.  It didn't hurt my feelings.  The boy is independent and that connection just isn't needed as much.  The phone call was more for me than him.

Here is a random photo dump of pictures from Jon's texts, school posts and other parents:

And my pics while waiting on the buses:
The fearless four teachers!
 Tellus Science Museum
 Picnic Lunch!! 
 Georgia Aquarium
 Rain Delay Waiting with Mr. Salter (who was my 5th grade PE teacher) 
Bible Study in the hotel
 Day Two

 Getting lost (something you just do with Uncle Jon) in the zoo
 Experiencing The Varsity
 Daegan becoming friends with the Coca Cola Bear 

Day Three: Stone Mountain

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