and kids

and kids

Friday, May 22, 2015

Daegan's 5th Grade Graduation

A school tradition is for the 5th graders to parade around the elementary school and let all the other grades cheer for them as they head to the auditorium for graduation.  It is an awesome tradition!
 Absolute side note but I wanted to record it - after the parade, I picked up Mac and Capps so they could go to the graduation with me.  When I got Mac, he gave Ms. Henry a hug and she started bawling.  Not just crying.  Mac has had a rough year with reading and she has worked really hard with him.  She said "Thanks for letting me teach him, I feel like you are taking away my own child and I'm not going to get to see him for three months.  Thanks for having such a super kid!"  Well, Mac cried.  I cried.  *sigh*

Back to graduation - Daegan walking in  
 The President speaking 
 A recorder song 
 Cousins, just happen to be "together"
Daegan giving his speech.  He didn't seem nervous at all.  I am fairly certain I was more nervous.  He rocked it, had a joke and delivered it well, and people laughed.  And - I think he really liked public speaking...
 Papa was chosen to give the Graduation charge/speech since he had three grandsons graduating.  Here are the three boys helping with an introduction:
 Papa - do the kids look scared? 
"Diploma" Time
 Politician??  *cough*
 We love Mrs. Sikkema! 
 Cousin, Miles
 Cousin, Isaiah
Buddies, Colin and Seth
After Pictures:

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