and kids

and kids

Friday, May 22, 2015

Mollee's 8th Grade Graduation

Graduation, Take 2 (same day, second graduation)

*Cheer Section*
 Mollee dodging me - second row, far end
 Mr. Arnold
 Great group of leaders!
 Coach Spence
 Waiting to hand out diplomas 
 Mollee baffled when they called the wrong name.  Ha!
 Love that smile! 
 And cousin, Jonah
 Chaplain Hutchenson talking about being a dolphin, not a crawfish
 Coach Johnson - according to Mollee - "the best"
The After Party Pictures (aka. standing in the parking lot to take pictures and then running to the grocery store for bread for PB&J dinner at 8:30).
 Mollee and Libs - two cuties!
 Libs and her bodyguards 
Papa and Grandma couldn't make it because Papa had the flu and barely made it to give his speech at Daegan's graduation.

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