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and kids

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tavis' last and best Soccer Game

Please allow me to brag, just a little, for a moment.  Tavis has had a rough soccer season.  He is learning.  He has only played for two years and the coach has tried him at many, many different positions.  

Tavis is fast.  Very fast.  But he has not played long enough to have the confidence to take the ball and GO!  At the beginning of this season the coach tried to put him up front and he would just kick the ball to one of the "better" players as soon as he got the ball.  Coach eventually put him in the back, in front of the goal.  Tavis is small, but he is pesky and determined and he would do his best to stay with the players trying to score and he would clear the ball.

The problem with the that - he IS small, and he would miss opportunities (ironically, the other in front of the goal was his cousin, Jonah, who did an incredible job this season).  The other problem, or, the mommy problem - I didn't get to enjoy watching him run.  He is so fast and fun to watch run.  But, overall, Tavis did well in this position.  I hated to see him back there all season, but it was where he needed to be if he was just going to kick the ball when he got it.

Today, not sure why, the coach played him in the front?  For the last game, totally new position?  But, it was fun to watch.
 And, after a season of training, he has gotten more confident.  So, please allow me to brag a little.  For my records.  Here is a streamline of photos of one of his runs.  Please note him taking it past one kid in red shoes and another in yellow shoes coming into the play trying to take the ball from him and Tavis totally running past him too.  Oh, he is fast.  So, so fun to watch.
I will admit he crossed it too late on this run, but the next run he crossed it and got an assist.

Coach says maybe next year he should play up front...

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