and kids

and kids

Thursday, September 15, 2016

My knee

Daegan and I got up most mornings this summer and either did yoga or aerobics and weights. At some point in July, my right knee was really hurting, but I assumed it was just another "excuse" to stop exercising. So, I pushed through.

Finally, I told Daegan I needed to take a break to rest my knee. I rested and I never went back to exercising. My knee hurt from time to time, but it is typically my MO to ignore the pain and move on.

After two nights of not being able to ignore the pain, I decided to go to the walk-in orthopedic office that I had been to before a couples years earlier when I broke my foot but tried to ignore it.

My xray looked fine, no arthritis, but because of my range of motion and where the pain was, the doctor was concerned I ripped my meniscus. I was scheduled for an MRI the next week.

Thankfully, the meniscus wasn't ripped, which would have required surgery, but the ligament behind my kneecap was torn a little. I am now wearing a brace and suppose to take it easy for four weeks. If it is still bothering me after that, I'll probably get a steroid shot.

I grow weary of medical issues and have to constantly remind myself it could be much worse. I do not have white-coat-phobia, it is more of medical bill phobia.

Now, I must get to a dentist soon or I'll only be eating yogurt and oatmeal the rest of my life...

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