and kids

and kids

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two Goals

This girl has had a rough 5-year soccer career. In 6th grade, she played, having never played before, with friends and classmates that had played since they were 5. In 7th grade, Mom wrote down the wrong date and she missed try-outs. And, in 8th grade, she was cut from the team. Very, very rough.

For some reason, a reason that makes me very proud of her, she didn't give up. She tried out in 9th grade, made it on JV, and played an ok season. With me working this summer, she didn't make it to many of the summer practices and we didn't have money for the camp, so she didn't get to attend that either.

But, this has been a year of growth. Growth in many ways (mentally, emotionally, etc.) and soccer is no different. She has played hard. She has learned to dribble the ball...with her speed, something that tripped her up often last year.

Tonight, the coach decided to put her on the front line. Fun to watch, and she scored two goals! She dribbled all the way in, curved in toward the goal and shot. GOAL!
I am so proud of her. Proud of her determination. Proud of her success. Proud of her attitude.

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