and kids

and kids

Friday, September 23, 2016

Young to the rescue

I wasn't working today at the office, I was working from home. I ran by the office for a 90 second "swing by" and...locked my keys in the van. I called Jase and, I know he would have helped if I got desperate, he asked me to try to figure something else because he was on the other side of town.

I went back inside and told Young what happened and, no big surprise, he came to my rescue. My driver side window was cracked. Not cracked enough that we could get the button pressed on my door, but Young stuck a pole across to the other door and pressed the unlock button. *phew*
I often like to ride with my windows down. Jase does not love this about me, but I quickly sent him a text telling him how good it was that I like to have my windows down. :)

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