and kids

and kids

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr. Appts.

Let me start this blog by saying it isn't for pity, it is just part of our history:

I think in every family there is one person that just has the medical problems. Growing up, that was me. I got glasses in 5th grade, had braces for 4+ years, have terrible allergies, was prone to plantar warts (gross, I know), cold sores and boils (yes, like leprosy) - I'm being so open to my blogger world. I had gall bladder issues, migraines, horrible, unpredictable PMS, etc. It was just a family joke that if there was going to be a weird ailment in our family, it would happen to me. I was fine with that assumption. I have high pain tolerance and, I guess because I was used to it, just took it in stride and didn't complain. When Jason and I got married, he knew what he was getting in to. I had my tonsils out at age 19, while we were engaged, and he had to endure how terrible that was for me. On our wedding night I had a horrible migraine that has been a joke for Jason and I ever since (even if not so funny that night!). All that to say, that is just me!

Well, now, I don't have time to be sick, plus I have to pay for doctor visits now (used to on Dad's dime). So, when something is wrong I usually try to ignore it, try to self-diagnosis, and when it doesn't get better, maybe I'll go to the doctor or just ignore it a little longer. It has been one of those few weeks where I couldn't ignore any more.

In the last few weeks this is what we have done: Mollee had to go back to the allergist to have her asthma regimen reviewed, I went to the allergist for a check-up and because I was having terrible dizzy spells for the past five months, he sent me to an ENT. I saw the ENT and have differing pressure in my ears, causing the dizziness, which he prescribed a week of steroids to reduce swelling so the pressure would return to normal. The following day I went to my regular doctor to have him look at my ankle. In January, I started running, doing yoga, aerobics and weights. Whenever I run I have horrible pains in my ankle. I've tried to ignore it, but it got to the point that Jason was worried I had a stress fracture or something. After many, many different x-rays and an examination, the doctor said I have bursitis on the top of my foot, which may or may not be causing the ankle pain. For the record, I am skeptical of this diagnosis. It was only supposed to take a day or two and it has been a week and hasn't helped and I'm waiting for the doctor to return my call as I'm writing. I also had my fun annual girly appointment today that ended in blood work for possible thyroid issues because of some complaints/concerns I have. Somewhere in there I had to go to the dentist for a chipped tooth and Daegan had to go for his allergy panel. Now that I have exhausted my babysitters, I think we are done with appts. for awhile, except that I haven't gotten relief from the ankle problem and Capps has a dentist appointment next week and I have two sick with fevers and croupy coughs.......

I guess this is all part of being me, and a mom, and broken. It is a great way to start the summer!! Better than being in the hospital with Mollee


  1. Wow. And here I thought having a child with a ton of stitches was bad.

    Good for you to keep a sense of humor. I'll be praying for a smooth summer for all of you!!

  2. uhhhhh, maybe we are fraternal twins, separated in the nursery? I always knew i was "supposed" to be part of a big family :)

    I like your word... broken.... that's life this side of Heaven, isn't it. I told Scott recently that i thought hell must be an exploded version of what lonely, broken, illness, and fear are HERE on this side. That's enough to keep me grabbing for and pressing into Him.
    love ya!


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