and kids

and kids

Monday, August 15, 2011

Playground #5

I had to make it to one more playground this summer. There were a few new-to-us ones I wanted to make it to, but we went to an old favorite anyway! Who doesn't like a playground with an old train to play on?

And it was such a beautiful day! With a breeze!!!!Mollee may or may not have been responsible for the broken tire swing?

Of course, when the kiddos "disappeared" I found them throwing rocks at the creek.and my son that doesn't like to touch messy food, was playing in the dirt - does that make sense to anyone out there?And they kept having airplane races around the playground!
Mollee doing carwheels!
The kids with silly smiles at the train!
Proof that I was there
Jason was working in the area and was able to come hang out at lunchtime, so we walked over the the War Memorial.
It was a glorious day!
Wish you could see how massive this flag is?! I love it!!!!

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