and kids

and kids

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What the beginning of school will bring...

a few mommy predictions.

Mollee will love the social world of school, but will quickly grow tired of homework. She will miss playing with dolls and being in the world of make-believe (I'm so thrilled that in a world where girls grow up too fast, my Moo still loves to play), but she will mature a lot this year, maybe more than I'd like? Her friendships will grow stronger and she will be wiser in choices. She will continue to bug me to find out when she can wear make-up. She will enjoy her year as "oldest class in the school" before she heads off to junior high.

Tavis also will enjoy getting back to the social world, but will miss the hours a day he has gotten to sit on the couch with his blanket reading a book. He'll also miss the constant bike riding and playing that summer allows. He will quickly learn that 4th grade is 'a whole new ballgame' as far as homework is concerned and he will learn to get his work done in a timely manner - I've got my fingers crossed whether or not that homework will get turned in. He will struggle with math, but will thrive with his reading. He will probably charm, yet another teacher.

Daegan will be glad to be with friends, but will miss building Legos and playing Xbox. He will thrive on all the learning, soak up a lot of knowledge and will progress by leaps and bounds in his reading. He will master the times table, but will struggle with spelling. He will probably be an over all good student, but may get into trouble for talking during class this year with his best friend and his cousin in his class. He also may get to have strep approximately five times this year.

Capps will be excited to have Goodwin and Aubrey in his class, but it will take him awhile to warm-up to a new classroom and a new teacher. He will enjoy the structure of his days and will learn their schedule quickly (what day is PE, what day is Music, etc), but he will miss the freedom of walking around the house and being bored. He will progress a lot in reading and will get to go to the Discovery Room, but he will have to learn social smarts.

Mac will get to enjoy one more year at home with Mommy. He won't like Tuesdays and Thursdays when David is around, but he will again be Mommy's best side-kick for errands. He will probably play fine in his room while Mommy gets her work done and will love some extra attention. He will grow out of alot of the clothes he's been wearing and he might even get his 4-year old picture made before he turns 5.

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  1. Once again... these little things you write down and remember are so sweet. I would love to read this kind of thing from when I was little


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