and kids

and kids

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday afternoon with cousins!

My brother and family just bought a new house. We were invited to spend the day to play, along with all the cousins. This was the sign to start off the festivities! Fake ferret and a ball, very entertaining!Uncle Jason reading to Louisa!
Popsicles were a must!
The hammock!
David's new toy!
Scooter rides all around. Unfortunately, for Daegan, he was riding when I was driving....
And golf cart rides, which Capps was glad were not required.
An hour at the creek.

A very full paddleboat.

Tavis stepped in at one spot, his feet sunk in the mud, his shoes did not make it out and no digging would stir them -UGH!
Back to the house, dry clothes and a game of baseball.

Capps and Ezra!
Chaotic, but yummy, dinnertime!
And when there is outdoor time to be had, Daegan is inside, reading a book!
More games and the trampoline

Me and David!
And some Polish Horseshoes!

(don't think JR caught this bottle - look at his knee)
Look at this cutie, David's youngest, Louisa! (she had me take many different pictures of her)
And festivities ended with four people getting stung by yellow jackets and a burning of the nest!


  1. Wow! That sounds like an awesome day! It must be nice to have family so close by. And what a nice big yard to play in!

  2. oh man! Looks like fabulous times were had by all that will be remembered for a long time!

  3. This kind of day we should enjoy each moment..Nice snaps..

  4. Okay - that looks like an awesome house! So many fun things to do!


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