and kids

and kids

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can you say Allergy Eyes?

This picture actually looks pretty good. Mac is struggling with some allergies. I've posted pictures of his skin before in the Springtime, but it seems to be getting worse. We wanted to wait until he was 5 to do an allergy panel, but right now, we can't take him off antihistamines long enough to make the test accurate (recommended 5 days of no meds before test).

So, we are just waiting. Hopefully, we can get the test done in July and, most likely, get him started on allergy shots.

His eyes are almost swollen shut each morning and we have to clean them out (not pink eye, confirmed by three different doctors) with warm washcloths. Poor boy, right now, he is on Claritin in the morning and afternoon, even though it is a 24 hr med. Plus, he has to take a Benedryl at bedtime. They also have him on nose spray and eye drops, which say only once a day, but he is doing them three times.

I hate it for him, but pray it will give him some relief! (and so thankful for Dr's that give us samples)

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