and kids

and kids

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012

No surprise trips to Atlanta this year, but I think the kids have had fun. I've tried to cram in some fun, around paperwork and phone calls. Tuesday night I worked until 11:30 trying to get caught up, and more, so I wouldn't feel bad about taking time off with the kids.
Monday, Daegan woke up with fever and we ended up at the dr office. About every three weeks he does this and it is always strep. Yes, I know what that means, pondering/fearing another tonsillectomy in my brain......Despite the germs, we still had Dusty and Rachel and Chloe over for dinner. I am so glad they love me because I invited them for dinner. Then called and told them we were sick and we'd probably just get pizza. Then called them late and asked them to pick up the pizza. What a good friend am I!?
Tuesday, we laid low and ended up on our weekly kids-eat-free with the Bond crew at Chik-fil-A. This particular week the Dad's couldn't make it so M and I ended up with three tables, ten kids and two tired mommies, and we lived to tell about it!
Wednesday is $1.99 Happy Meals so we went to McDonalds (after a second trip to dr because Mac's eyes were so swollen - just allergies) with the Harris cousins and then we went to the $1 theater to see 'Hugo'. It was nothing what I expected, but it was good and the kids loved it. Tavis had his math tutoring class at 4:00 and then we had dinner at church and Covenant Cadets. And, of course, my couch bible study.
Thursday, we went and got allergy shots and then joined friends at Pump It Up for some playtime, got home for a late 2:00 lunch, headed back out to drop Daegan at a friend's house and then I had to pick up some signs for work (the kids always love how I cram in a little work on every outing). After home I worked on paperwork for awhile and at 6:00 took Mac for a walk because the kids were out playing in the neighborhood and he got left behind. I stopped in at my Mom's to see Grandma J for a little bit and headed home before the rain came at 7:00 to try to find something for dinner - tacos a a good go-to meal!
Friday, I don't remember very well. Lots of paperwork and pizza for dinner. In case you are keeping track, there wasn't a lot of meal preparation on my part this week. I got a Redbox for the kids, and Jason wanted to sit on the deck and read (his mode of relaxation), so I went and did my grocery shopping, so I wouldn't have to go Saturday morning. It was so nice, everything on sale was still in stock and there was no line, and I didn't have to get up and go Saturday.
Saturday, I slept in, and Mollee had a friend over, which really made my day peaceful. Mollee and Tavis get along fairly well, but they also can drive each other nuts. Mollee played with Ally and Tavis went down and played with cousins all day. Daegan does his own thing and Capps and Mac always play together ALL day Saturday. Jason had had a very long week, so he did a lot of reading on the deck and I got to run some 'fun' errands. Jase left at 4:30 to go hang out with his brother and I took Ally home. For some reason I decided to clean out the boys drawers (putting up winter clothes) after cereal for dinner. I made them all get pjs on and in bed by 6:45 to read and have down time. It was awesome, they did it without complaint and I got all the work done before 8:00 bedtime.
Today, we went to church and then ate dinner at my parent's. It was Hannah's birthday this week so we got to see the Philip and Sarah family. Jason had to help some friends move at 4:00, so he headed over there and we headed home. We were supposed to be at Shepherding Group at 6:00, but Jason didn't get home until 6:30. The kids were not happy we missed, but it was probably better since they've been staying up late all week and needed to get to bed at a reasonable time for school.
Back to school tomorrow! Eight weeks to go!


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