and kids

and kids

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daegan turns 9, not 7 (like Daddy thought)

Life is a little hectic around here. Before I wrote "Daegan's Birthday" on my calendar, I offered to babysit for two different people. Later realizing it was going to be assumed I was eating lunch with Daegan at school.

I made it and I survived! Along with Mac, Malachi and Mia.

Also, before the calendar was marked, Jason made an appointment to meet with customers at 3:30 and then another at 5:30. *sigh*

Daegan wanted Krispy Kreme and McDonald's. So, with Daddy delayed, we made it a field trip. We went at watched the doughnuts being made for at least 30 minutes, if not longer.
Then we stopped and got our McDonalds and ate dinner and waited and waited and waited for Daddy. Daegan tried to be patient. :)

Jason got home just after 7:00 and we jumped right into festivities. Our doughnut cake:
And presents!
>A set of locks?!
Some Legos
And a Happy Napper pillow. It is a castle pillow...
that flips around into a dragon.
Happy Birthday, Daegan!This is how we passed time waiting for Daddy - goofy faces at the camera!

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