and kids

and kids

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

411 Goals

I work with three wonderful, Christian men.  We are a real estate team and I have to guess that not all "teams" work as well together as we do.  It is a blessing.  We all have very distinctly different job titles (Jim is Team Leader and Listing Specialist, Jose is Marketing, Jeremy is Sales Agent and I am the Closing Coordinator - and apparently the only one without a "J"), and yet we cover for each other as needed and, honestly, rejoice with one another when accomplishments and goals are met.

Jim is our Team Leader and he encourages us to keep a running list of goals - business and personal.  He says unless you have a goal in front of you, you may say you are working towards a goal, but you may never really strive for it.  I am not one for "bonding" - but I have truly enjoyed this time.  Even if I might not admit it to Jim.  :)

He has some great insights and sees things from a different perspective than I.

Our meetings are called a 411.  I do not know if this is a business term or if this stands for something.  Maybe I should ask that question one day?

My business goals would mean nothing to you, but I thought I would list out my personal goals, just another way to put them before myself.

1) Prayer Journal - prayer is what we are studying in SS right now and it has been a incredible study for me.  I desperately NEED this time.  I talk to God all day, but I rarely sit down with an earnest, deliberate prayer time.  My goal is to have a set time for this and to keep a record of what I praying for, so I can see how things are answered throughout the year.

Jim mentioned doing this after kids leave for school, but before I sit down at my desk.  This is typically the time I fold a few loads of laundry and wipe down the kitchen.  He said, "But isn't it better for your family to have a mom that is connected with God, rather than has a clean house".

2) Save for a Vacation - we have not taken a vacation in many years.  In the past we have had people offer places for us to stay and that has not happened in awhile, which is fine, but we have not had the financial ability to go somewhere.  Some of you know the story, but a few years ago, we incurred a huge credit card bill that did not belong to us.  We are still working on this expense and I am such a credit card natzi, I cannot fathom not putting all the "extra" towards the debt.

Then Jim made this comment - you have already let this other guy "steal" three years from you of working off his debt.  Your kids are not gonna stop growing and then they will be gone.  Save half "extra" for vacation and half for the debt.  AND TAKE A VACATION!  

This made me teary to think about - and I appreciated his point of view.

3) Be Heathier - I'd love to get back to Advocare and get back to yoga and aerobics.  I need to do these things.  I must do these things.

Jim encouraged me to pick very simple realistic goals and change them throughout the year.  For example, do yoga once a week and drink no calories, except on one cheat day a week.  Diet and exercise is so daunting to me (even though I used to love it).  This goal seems so doable - and I like it!

4) More intentional Family Time - this will include one game night a month, better "turn the work phone off at night" on my part, date nights with the hubby - at least once a month, running errands with one kid each weekend, and one family movie night each month.  And I am open to other ideas!?!?

I am looking forward to these goals.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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