and kids

and kids

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Daddy's Sacrifice

Jason has been eagerly awaiting the Xbox One for a year.  This seems silly to many and actually doesn't exactly make a lot of sense to me, but that is his "hobby".  And I do respect that.   I scan Pinterest and check out Facebook for downtime.  Jason plays Xbox.

Ever since Microsoft set a date for the big release, Jason has been saving pennies towards it.  I even found this on his phone - it is the only thing on his schedule.  :)

As is typical for us, November and December are really hard.  We are both self-employed and both our jobs are much slower during the "holiday season".  We usually manage and make it thru, but this year has been particularly expensive.  We have exhausted our resources and I have nothing in reserve for Christmas, which is not typical.

I don't share that as a sob story, that is just where we are right now.  Granted, some panic attacks have occurred, but we are just praying and hoping something will come about so that December isn't as hard as it looks like it is going to be.

Jason saved enough for the Xbox One, even when we stole a little from the fund here and there for groceries.  But he didn't get it on Friday when it was released.  We have not paid our tuition bill (which is our main expense and which we have no doubt the Lord wants us to be at a private Christian school, so we press on even though it is really, really hard financially).  And we need a few more things paid for.  So, his entire fund is going to have to go toward bills.  Which really sucks!

The Lord always provides, so we are praying for a miracle!!!  Not to get the Xbox, just to pay the bills....

Sometimes it stinks to be an adult.  And I know that burden is even more for the Daddy of my children.  And I love him for the hard work he does to provide.

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  1. This won't help Jason but I think John will be glad he doesn't have it :( John isn't getting one so at least they can still play together :)


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