and kids

and kids

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yep, it is Monday!

I have never been a person to use the snooze button.  Actually, I have never been a person to use an alarm clock.  I have always been the person that wakes up ten minutes before the buzzer and just gets up and gets going.

Something changed about two years.  I do not know what changed, maybe it is just age?  I do not have any little ones, so I do not get my night sleep interrupted that often?  I do have a job now, so my afternoon nap rarely happens (and I LOVE naps - in college I slept from 3:00-3:30 everyday).  But, I have not come up with a good reason that I just cannot get up in the morning.

This morning I woke up, hit snooze, and I was laying in bed in my "zombie state", I began to think about the fact that we ran out of milk the night before.  Ugh!  Dry cereal all around!!!  Then I began to think about the fact that we ran out of peanut butter too (my kids live for PBJ).  It was a crazy weekend and I didn't get to any stores.  Oh, well - then I remembered, the peanut butter didn't really matter because we didn't have any bread.  Yep, it is Monday!

I jumped out of bed and wondered what lunches were gonna look like today, because as I washed my face and really began to think, we didn't have goldfish or pretzels or many fruit options either.

So, we scrounged.  And how thankful I am that we have the ability to "scrounge"?

The lunches were pitiful.  I'm not even going to list what they consisted of.  Actually, let's never speak of this again.

I did post something on Facebook about it and tonight Mac's teacher sent me a message that made me laugh out loud.  There is a rule in the younger grades that you have to eat your sandwich and healthy items first.  As she was reminding her class to eat their healthy items first, Mac raised his hand, "I don't have anything healthy today".  She said she laughed and said she knew his Momma and she knew that wasn't true.

After she saw my FB post she was laughing at the memory of that conversation with him.

I'm just glad she didn't look in his lunchbox...

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